Universal 320 Benchtop Centrifuge

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By Hettich

Product Highlights
The Hettich Universal 320 Benchtop Centrifuge provides excellent performance and a comprehensive range of accessories.
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You can program the Universal 320 to automatically sound and open the lid when centrifugation is finished. A quick glance from across the lab lets you know its ready to go. The Universal 320 has a short centrifugation impulse key that allows you to perform quick spins when a full cycle isn’t necessary.
  • Available in non-refrigerated (320) and refrigerated (320R) versions
  • Specialty applications available, Cytology up to 12 slide carriers, microtiter and deep well plates
  • Noise dampening technology
  • Push button open and close lid with drop protection
  • 10 user defined settings

                5 year warranty

Consult the product Brochure at the bottom of this page for details on rotors and buckets and other information.
English version of the Universal 320 Manual, starts on page 26.









See Universal 320 Package brochure below for details


Hettich Universal 320 Specifications:

Centrifuge :
Max. Capacity :
4 x 100 mL -or- 32 x 15 mL
Max. RPM / RCF :
15,000 / 21,382
Temperature Control : N/A
Dimensions :
346 x 395 x 520 mm (13.5" x 15.5" x 20.5")
Weight :
31 kg (68 lbs)

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