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Product Highlights
The Elemano™ Blood Pressure Monitor is the only monitor that combines gold standard accuracy with digital ease of use.
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Elemano Blood Pressure Monitor is specifically designed for medical professionals.

  • Accuracy compared to gold standard mercury sphygs, ±3mmHg
  • Manual pressurization
  • Automatic read-out
  • No calibration necessary
  • 30 second read-out
  • Who: pediatric (age 3 +) and adults
  • Measures: systolic/diastolic pressure and pulse
  • Mercury-Free

Cuff size

  • 4 cuff sizes available: XS/S/M/L
  • Specially engineered for accuracy

*Elemano contains natural rubber latex in the airbag and inflation bulb

Measurement method Oscillometric (double cuff supported)
Displayed measurements Systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate (pulse waves)
Measurement range Pressure: 0 - 320mmHg (0-42,7kPa)
Pulse rate: 30 - 199 beats/min
Accuracy Pressure: ± 3 mmHg (± 0.4kPa)
Pulse rate: ± 5%
Pressurization method Manual
Decompression method Automatic
Measurement area Upper arm
Warnings Insufficient and excessive pressurization, low battery
Errors Relevant error codes are displayed (please consult IFU)
Automatic power off After 3 minutes without input on the operation panel
Number of measurements ES-H55A provides about 1,000 measurements with a new AA alkaline cell when used continuously in the Normal Mode. (Refer to IFU)
Power supply Voltage: 1.5 V DC or 1.2 V DC
Operating conditions Temperature: -10 - 40 ° C
Humidity: 15 - 90% RH (no condensation)
Storage conditions Temperature: -20 - 60 ° C
Humidity: 10 - 95% RH (no condensation)
Dimensions Main Body: (w) 70mm x (h) 46mm x (d) 169mm
Cuff (size M): (w) 150mm x (i) 520mm
Weight Main Body:130 g (excluding the battery)
Cuff (size M): Approx. 150 g
Validation The Elemano was tested on 87 persons to compare its accuracy with that of the auscultatory method according to the AAMI SP-10 protocol.(1) The results prove that the Elemano fulfills the AAMI criteria.
References:(1) Accuracy and applicability of the Terumo ES-H55 double-cuff sphygmomanometer for hospital use Osamu Tochikubo, Kiyoko Nishijima, Kenji Ohshige and Kazuo Kimura - Blood Pressure Monitoring 2003, 8:203-209

Blood pressure monitor and accessories
To enable the right choice of cuff size and meet the hygiene requirements of a medical environment, Terumo offers a washable nulon cuff cover and four sizes (SS, S, M, L) to meet those requirements.
Product Code
Elemano blood pressure monitor (incl. Monitor, M-size nylon cuff, 2xbatteries, IFU) ES*H5503
Cuff (washable nylon cuff cover + air bag and tubing)
             Extra Small 13 - 20 cm / 5.1" - 7.9" (arm circumference) XX*ES11SS06
             Small 17 - 26 cm / 6.7" - 10.2" (arm circumference) XX*ES11S06
             Medium 24 - 32 cm / 9.4" - 12.6" (arm circumference) XX*ES11M06
             Large 32 - 42 cm / 12.6" - 16.5" (arm circumference) XX*ES11L06
Cuff Cover (washable nylon cuff cover)
             Extra Small 13 - 20 cm / 5.1" - 7.9" (arm circumference) XX*ES14SS06
             Small 17 - 26 cm / 6.7" - 10.2" (arm circumference) XX*ES14S06
             Medium 24 - 32 cm / 9.4" - 12.6" (arm circumference) XX*ES14M06
             Large 32 - 42 cm / 12.6" - 16.5" (arm circumference) XX*ES14L06
Inflation bulb XX*ES1802
Storage bag XX*ES1702
Accuracy Check Parts XX*ES1602


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