CW-05G Heating Bath Circulator w/ RS-232 interface w/software(5L)

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Product Highlights
Heating Bath Circulators External and internal circulating with powerful pumping capacity. CW-G series is designed for controlling temperature in external instruments, or for immersion purposes. Pump has five adjustable pressure stages.
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Operating features

• 5℃ above room temperature to 150℃.

• Microprocessor PID control / Auto-tuning / Calibration.
• Digital timer : 1 min to 99 hr 59 min, delayed ON / OFF.
• Over-temperature limit and low fluid level protection.
• Conveniently preset 3 most commonly used temperature settings, without auto-tuning.
• Digital LED display (0.1℃ resolution) with splash-proof keypads.
• RS-232 interface available.

Constructional features

• Variable-speed pump for liquid viscosity for accurate, stable, and efficient temperature
   management. (1 to 3 steps of pump for internal circulation / 4 and 5 steps for external circulation)
• Powerful pressure and suction pumps provide contrast pressure and flow rate throughout the
   whole temperature range.
• Baffle plate screens circulating pump, heater and sensor to minimize shaking bath fluids and protect sample
   and operators from direct contact.
• Dry-running protection; automated heating element cut-off and audible and visual warning.
• Seamless stainless steel tank with a reservoir drain that resists corrosion and make cleaning easy.
• Space saving design uses minimal bench space.

Model CW-05G CW-10G CW-20G CW-30G
Working Temperature Range (Range(C/F))  Amb. +5 to 150 / Amb. +9 to 302
Max. pressure, max. flow rate 5.9 PSI (406.8 millibar), 7.4 gallons/minute (28.0 liters/minute)
Max. suction flow rate 2.6 gallons/minute (10.0 liters/minute)
Temperature Stability (C/F)  0.5 / 0.9
Bath Volume (L/cu ft)  3.5 / 0.1
Bath opening/depth (WxL,D)(mm/inch)  150×99, 160 / 5.9 x3.9, 6.3
Overall (W×L×H)(mm/inch)  220×395×424 / 8.7x15.6x16.7
Net Weight  (Kg/Lbs) 12.5 / 27.6
Electrical Requirements  (120V, 60Hz) 8.6A

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Picture of CW-05G Heating Bath Circulator including RS-232 interface and software(5L) AAH52306U - CW-05G Heating Bath Circulator including RS-232 interface and software(5L) Compare To:   $1,612.11
Kats Price:   $1,450.00

Additional Accessories

Picture of Medium-sized head with suction pump for CW-05G 52503 - Medium-sized head with suction pump for CW-05G Compare To:   $127.93
Kats Price:   $118.97

Suction function for pumps*

Additional suction function for powerful external/ internal circulating. Maximum suction flow rate is 10.0 liters per minute. (only for CW-G and RW-G series)
* The additional suction function is needed to have a prior request.

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