BW-20G Heating Bath (20L)

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Product Highlights
Heating Baths Excellent temperature performance heating water baths for general-purpose use. BW-G series features Microprocessor PID controls to guarantee exceptional temperature Variation and exclusive timer, programming function for critical research, quality control and regulatory testing!
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Operating features

• +5℃ above room temperature to 100℃.

• Microprocessor PID control / Auto-tuning / Calibration.
• Digital timer : 1 min to 99 hr 59 min, delayed ON / OFF.
• Over-temperature limiter and low fluid level protection.
• 3 different temperature values memorable without auto-tuning.
• Digital LED display (0.1℃ resolution) with splash-proof keypads.

Constructional features

• Stainless steel bath allows to use with water or other bath fluids, such as silicone fluids.
• User-friendly low-profile baths design with easy-to-use digital controller with 2 display.
• Dry-running protection; automated heating element cut-off and audible and visual warning.
• Bottom baffle plate screens heater and sensor to protect sample and operators from direct contact.

Model BW-05G, BW-10G and BW-20G
Working Temperature Range (Range(C/F))  Amb. +5 to 100 / Amb. +9 to 212
Temperature Stability (C/F)  0.2 / 0.36
Bath Volume (L/cu ft)  20 / 0.7
Bath opening/depth (WxL,D)(mm/inch)  345×290, 200 / 13.6x11.4, 7.9
Overall Dim.(W×L×H)(mm/inch)  471×390×374 / 18.5x15.4x14.7
Net Weight  (Kg/Lbs) 18.0 / 40.0
Electrical Requirements  (120V, 60Hz) 8.3A


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