BW-20B Heating Bath (20.0L)

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Product Highlights
Heating Baths (Economy) Economical water bath series with complete temperature maintenance! Especially BW-B/ H series has a patented agitating system that makes better temperature stability.
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Operating features for BW-B (Analog models)

• +7℃ above room temperature to 100℃

• On /Off temperature control
• Over-temperature limiter, alarm indicator.
• Analog dialed indication with fine adjustment

Constructional features

• Low-profile baths with front slope-panel controls provide an easier

   access and makes it safer.
• Additional inner circulating system by equipped agitator
   (BW-H series)
• Dual bath models features individually programmable temperature
   controller chambers. (BW-H series)
• Various accessories gable and flat covers, test tube and spring wire
   racks, half-shelf adjusters etc. (optional)
   * All accessories for dual baths (BW-H series) refer to BW-H/ B series
     accessories options per each bath size.
     (Ex. Each of gable covers for BW-0510H may be used to cover BW-05H / B and
     the other cover for BW-10H / B)

Model BW-20B
Working Temperature Range (Range(C/F))  Amb. +7 to 100 / Amb. +12.6 to 212
Temperature Stability (C/F)  0.5 / 0.9
Bath Volume (L/cu ft)  20.0 / 0.7
Bath opening/depth (WxL,D)(mm/inch)  498×300, 165 / 19.6x11.8, 6.5
Overall/w-cover(W×L×H)(mm/inch)  564×392×290/425 (22.2x15.4x11.4/ 16.7”)
Net Weight  (Kg/Lbs) 18.5 / 40.8
Electrical Requirements  (120V, 60Hz) 8.3A


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