50140 Portable Desiccator includes One Tray

50140 at Affordable Prices at Kats Medical
By TrippNT

Product Highlights
The 50140 Portable Desiccator Fits in Refrigerator, Drawers or other Small Spaces.
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Solid, tough construction. Removable tray is perforated to allow air movement to maintain drying efficiency maximized. Each features airtight seals and solvent welding that eliminate outgassing. Transport and store parts without risking contamination. This stackable personal desiccator box makes it easy to house and transport delicate, special-need samples.

Designed to store, carry and keep dry samples and chemicals in an acrylic, see-through container.

Removable perforated tray lifts out easily. Lid sits in groove and removes completely.

Perfect for keeping track of individual projects by dedicating its own, private portable desiccator. Constructed of 3/8-inch acrylic. Ideal in drawers, refrigerators and on bench tops.


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