50114 Small Maximum Organizer

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By TrippNT

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The 50114 Small Maximum Organizer is a true All-in-One personal storage organizer.
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The Maximum Lab Organizer is a true All-in-One personal storage organizer. This rotating organizer holds gloves, wash bottles, spatulas, Kimwipes or other paper wipers like Accuwipe or Shurwipe brand wipers. Lots of compartments to store vials, bottles, pens or reagents.  It's perfect for sharing supplies or just reaching high-use items quickly.  Secure in a compartment, the unit rotates with a high quality, ball bearing turntable.  Quality and convenience all the way. Comfortable size and shape for bench or fume hood.
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50114 - 50114 Small Maximum Organizer Compare To:   $89.00
Kats Price:   $79.99

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