50029 Small Acrylic Draft Shield

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By TrippNT

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The 50029 Small Acrylic Draft Shield have a "ball cap" to offer extra protection from downward drafts.
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Good air ventilation in lab settings is often required to keep lab air safe, but moving air isn't always the best for instruments easily affected by this environmental necessity. Acrylic draft shields protect balances and delicate instruments from moving air and dust. Work easily with a completely see-through shield, which comes complete with cord hole on the back. Shield allows wide access when placed over balances or other sensitive lab equipment. Manipulate your samples with ease without compromising good measurements. Stove pipe option can connect to elephant trunk venting to exhaust or keep negative pressure inside draft shield.

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50029 - 50029 Small Acrylic Draft Shield Compare To:   $119.00
Kats Price:   $104.99

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