43416 Infusion Pump Stands, 2-Ram's Horn Hooks, 5 Legs

43431 at Affordable Prices at Kats Medical
By Brewer Company

Product Highlights
The 43416 Infusion Pump Stand has 2-Ram's Horn Hooks, 5 Legs, Short Wheel 16" Base, and is Height adjustable 54"-90.5".
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The Brewer Company offers both large and small infusion pump stands that are sturdy and durable. The basic stand can be customized with various accessories: clamp, infusion pump frame, steering handle, oxygen cylinder holder and add-a-tray.


  • Heavy center weight affords stability while saving space (16” diameter)
  • Tough five-leg epoxy coated steel base
  • Chrome plated top post assembly
  • 3” rubber wheel, ball bearing casters
  • Exclusive “No Loss” knob
  • Height: 54” – 90.5”
  • Load Capacity: 45 lbs.

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