183002 Featherlight System 3000 - Floor Model,150 watt, Beige

183002 at Affordable Prices at Kats Medical
By Brewer Company

Product Highlights
The 183002 Featherlight System 3000 lighting delivers flexibility with effortless counter-balanced movement.
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This Brewer Featherlight lighting delivers flexibility with effortless counter-balanced movement. It is ideal for dermatology, plastic surgery, and minor procedures in the clinical environment.


Brewer Featherlight Functions and Features

  • Dichroic film-coated reflectors filter out 80% of beam heat
  • Three color-corrected, low voltage, 50-Watt halogen bulbs w/ heat sink technology that keeps the housing cool
  • “No-drift,” counter-balanced arm design
  • 540° rotation at both the light head and yoke
  • Compact five-leg caster base
  • Power cord exits the base at floor level
  • Movement provides effortless and accurate light placement without drifting or repositioning
  • 5000 Footcandles @24”
  • Color temperature - 4000° Kelvin
  • Fused for your protection
  • Bulb life: 4000 hrs
  • Light pattern: 10” @ 24”
  • 1-year warranty

Light Dimensions

  • Arm length: 36.6”
  • Base Diameter: 25”
  • Base Height: 5'


All Brewer products conform to US and Canadian electrical and medical industry codes and regulations and meet or exceed industry requirements.


  • Power cord exits the base at floor level



The Brewer Company reserves the right to improve or modify the design of its products consistent with new methods and techniques.
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