Manufacturer: KD Scientific


KD Scientific manufactures Liquid Handling Products for automated and affordable delivery of fluids and gas for the laboratory environment. And a line of economical infusion pumps, syringe pumps, and syringe pumps with infuse and withdraw capability.
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KDS Gemini 88 Syringe Pump

Picture of KDS Gemini 88 Syringe Pump
The Gemini 88 can infuse simultaneously at different rates, or infuse with one syringe and withdraw with the other.

KDS100 Infusion Pump

Picture of KDS100 Infusion Pump
The KDS100 is a basic single syringe, infusion pump which combines precision with simplicity.

KDS200 Infusion Pump

Picture of KDS200 Infusion Pump
The KDS200 is a feature-laden two-syringe infusion pump that combines a broad speed range and holds a wide range of syringe sizes to meet the requirements of virtually any laboratory application.

KDS410 High Preassure Pump

Picture of KDS410 High Preassure Pump
The KDS 410 is a high pressure syringe pump which more then doubles the linear force available on the KDS 200 series.