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0101-00 Giant Heart W/Pericardium

Picture of 0101-00 Giant Heart W/Pericardium
The 0101-00 Giant Heart W/PERICARDIUM separates into two parts, making it easy to trace blood flow through the chambers, valves and vessels.

0102-00 Giant Five-Part Eyeball

Picture of 0102-00 Giant Five-Part Eyeball
The A22 Giant Five-Part Eyeball is 6 times life-size, made of unbreakable vinyl plastic replica and packed with useful teaching features.

0105-00 Giant Incisor Tooth

Picture of 0105-00 Giant Incisor Tooth
The 0105-00 GIANT INCISOR TOOTH separates into halves to show internal features, with it's own key.

0106-00 Youth Jaw W/Rmvble Teeth

Picture of 0106-00 Youth Jaw W/Rmvble Teeth
The 0106-00 YOUTH JAW W/RMVBLE TEETH depicts deciduous teeth being replaced by permanent teeth.

0107-00 Giant Three Root Molar

Picture of 0107-00 Giant Three Root Molar
The 0107-00 GIANT THREE ROOT MOLAR Our largest tooth model, molded of unbreakable plastic, portrays a molar from the upper jaw 15 times normal size for ease of study.

0108-00 Teeth & Jaw Development

Picture of 0108-00 Teeth & Jaw Development
The 0108-00 TEETH & JAW DEVELOPMENT depicts the right half of the maxilla and mandible cut open to expose the roots of the teeth and developing teeth within the jaws.

0114-00 Dental Morphology Series

Picture of 0114-00 Dental Morphology Series
The 0114-00 DENTAL MORPHOLOGY SERIES Ten times life-size, six teeth representative of every human tooth type are included in this series.

0123-00 Deluxe Eight Part Ear

Picture of 0123-00 Deluxe Eight Part Ear
The 0123-00 DELUXE EIGHT PART EAR provides a more complete perspective of the middle and inner ear structures within the temporal bone.

0131-00 Non-Breakable Life Size Heart

Picture of 0131-00 Non-Breakable Life Size Heart
The 0131-00 NON-BREAKABLE LIFE SIZE HEART divides into anterior and posterior sections to access its pumping chambers and valves.

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