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1025-13 Plant Parts Set/3

Picture of 1025-13 Plant Parts Set/3
The 1025-13 PLANT PARTS SET/3 Provids a thread of continuity throughout the 3 charts in this set, the bean plant serves to illustrate the design and function of major plant parts.

1026-10 Roots Mounted/Kimdura

Picture of 1026-10 Roots Mounted/Kimdura
The 1026-10 ROOTS show the principal functions.

1028-10 Leaves Mounted/Kimdura

Picture of 1028-10 Leaves Mounted/Kimdura
The 1028-10 LEAVES are used to trace the pathways for water, salts and food through a leaf as it carries on photosynthesis.

1030-41 Intro Life Science Set/12

Picture of 1030-41 Intro Life Science Set/12
The 1030-41 INTRO LIFE SCIENCE SET/12 are mounted on a convenient chart head with a tripod stand.

1091-10 Human Circulatory Sys Mtd/K

Picture of 1091-10 Human Circulatory Sys Mtd/K
The 1091-10 HUMAN CIRCULATORY SYS chart pays special attention to pulmonary circulation.

1092-10 Human Digestive Sys Mtd/Kim

Picture of 1092-10 Human Digestive Sys Mtd/Kim
The 1092-10 HUMAN DIGESTIVE SYS chart demonstrates the role of the epiglottis in swallowing, peristalsis, tooth types, and the intestinal villi.

1093-10 Respiratory Chart,Mnt'd

Picture of 1093-10 Respiratory Chart,Mnt'd
The 1093-10 RESPIRATORY CHART is augmenting the primary cutaway view of the respiratory system,

1094-10 Fish Mounted/Kimdura

Picture of 1094-10 Fish Mounted/Kimdura
The 1094-10 FISH MOUNTED An adult mullet feeding in its marine environment is depicted along with development stages of its egg and embryo.

1095-10 Bee Mounted/Kimdura

Picture of 1095-10 Bee Mounted/Kimdura
The 1095-10 BEE MOUNTED demonstrates the characteristic insect body plan, the large central figure of a worker bee is depicted gathering nectar from a flower and, in the process, pollinating it.

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